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Curious About Essential Oils

and wondering if they can really make a difference?

Have you heard people say, “I’ve got an oil for that!”  Or do you sometimes even question, “I wonder if there is an oil for this?”

I don’t know about you, but I was introduced to essential oils by a friend — actually multiple friends.   But sometimes, learning about essential oils has to be searched out and researched.

Friend, the search is over.  We invite you into a community.  Here at Pour on the Power, we think it takes a community to equip and help you learn about wellness from an oily perspective.

I know you probably are wondering what’s the big deal about essential oils anyway? Below you’ll find an overview on the role essential oils can play in building healthy routines and chemically-free homes.

Would it be ok to take some time right now to watch what the video has to say? Go get a glass of water, pen and paper and jot down your thoughts.

Then I’ll touch base with you in a day or two to see what you thought.

Need more information? Now I’m planning on touching base, but if you’re curious what the next step would be, you can find out here:

–>>>Yes, I’m ready to go chemically-free